Updating steam platform sandboxie

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Updating steam platform sandboxie

Selecting Windows 7 boots the system into Windows 7 and choosing Kali Linux will, by default, take you to the Kali Linux boot menu, which is the same thing as the GRUB 2 menu, the version of GRUB used by Kali Linux.

You may exit the partition manager and reboot the computer.Note: If you intend to install Windows 7 afresh, this process will be a lot easier if you set aside the free space that will be used for Kali Linux during the installation of Windows 7.If you have enough free space on the C drive, the system will suggest a 50-50 split of the free space.For this test installation, I chose to create it as a logical partition. Double-clicking on it will open another window where you can specify the correct mount point.Here’s what it should look like after the mount point has been specified.

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Be sure to have the installation disc of Kali Linux in the optical drive before rebooting. : The best option to select on Kali Linux’s boot menu is Graphical Install.

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