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She predicted the celebrity culture we live in now.

The manager of Susann’s literary catalogue, filmmaker Lisa Bishop, is in pre-production on a remake of reports, “This revival is the answer to Jacqueline Susann’s prayers.

Dazzled by Mansfield’s ability to get her picture in the paper, she married him at her parents’ house in 1939.

It was in this humble setting that Susann and press agent Irving Mansfield “met cute,” to use the parlance of old Hollywood.

In the meantime, Susann demonstrated Lux toilet soap with Bea and hung out at Walgreen’s, whose bank of phone booths functioned as a makeshift office for a motley assortment of Broadway types.

Cantor gave her a small speaking part in his new vehicle, the writers and Deutsch met regularly at the Essex House apartment of Vic Knight, their producer, to prepare the scripts.

’ I suppose he was some kind of father figure for her.” Actress Maxine Stewart adds, “Jackie was simply crazy for Jewish comics.” Yet the liaison paid off in a way that mattered to Susann.

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