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In my client config file I added a “Relative Binding” configuration: and then in my code I can initiate it like I’ve done above using the named configuration.But notice in the configuration I used ../Hello World as the URI for the service endpoint.

This contains the binding and endpoint configurations for the service you just referenced. By default it adds the configuration for the literal endpoint you just referenced (think absolute URI here…most of the time in development this may be Then it will be using the default endpoint it creates (which would only be one of them unless you add custom ones like I did above).

It is simple and there are plenty of resources to help you here.

For my project I simply customized (added) new configuration profiles in Visual Studio and have been manually switching them to test. If you have a simpler solution where your service is being served up in the same web application/site as your Silverlight application, then you have a simpler solution using Silverlight 4.

Hopefully these simple ways give you an idea of the options you can use.

It's not unusual for us to run a model that references back to 20 other Excel files.

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Obviously you don’t want to hard-code various endpoint names in your instantiation of the service proxies.

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