Website maintenance and updating Cam24 the adult website

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Website maintenance and updating

Each one of these versions fixed bugs and vulnerabilities.Plugins and extensions are mini-applications that you add onto to your website to increase the features, like having a slideshow on the home page (an easy target for hackers), a video player, a photo gallery, a social media feed, etc.Why not leave the website updates to us while YOU work growing your business?“Strengthen customer confidence and interest in your company with a fresh, up-to-date website”.These mini-applications also routinely expire and need to be upgraded or they can become the backdoor that hackers use to access your website.Many website frameworks will alert you when a new version of a plugin is available – but you have to be paying attention.Websites are like any other software application you may use, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc., in that they have versions, each new version adds features, or fixes security flaws.

This means that you are responsible for maintaining your website framework, by upgrading it when a new one comes out.

Website maintenance is a necessary part of your online budgeting.

Talk with your web agency or internal team to make sure you understand how your maintenance is being managed.

If it’s not being managed or you would like a free review, contact us for more information.

Our bread & butter is designing (or redesigning) & programming websites for businesses of various sizes.

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For simple updates, it shouldn’t take a developer more than a couple of hours to upgrade and test a simple website.

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