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Despite splitting up after almost seven years of marriage back in April, the 32-year-old professional NBA player made sure to send La La some “love” on her 38th birthday (June 26).

“I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed,” Carmelo captioned with his Instagram post. Sending Birthday wishes to MY EARTH 🌏 @lala Love YOU #AVery POWERFul Day6/25.” La La celebrated her birthday by taking her 10-year-old son Kiyan Anthony as her date to the I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed.

If anything, he will be a different man after the smoke clears on his divorce from the Knicks and his wife.

Carmelo and La La Anthony may no longer be together, but they will “always” be a family!

She blazed a trail in turning her husband’s profession into an on-ramp to a higher level of celebrity.

More on that is sure to be released in the upcoming days.

Anthony has million remaining on the five-year deal the Knicks gave him in 2014, but he probably only has one more NBA contract left. He’s dealing with some very tumultuous personal relationships and is being abandoned, sort of speak, by all of his safety nets in life.

Melo’s Instagram post about their inaugural Banana Boat holiday celebrated brotherhood, but it was much more than that. However the Banana Boat shakes out, La La will plan her next move carefully. More than that, was a riveting look into the Anthonys’ time in Denver, including when she engineered a bowling outing in an attempt to get Arron Afflalo and Kelly Rowland (yes, of Destiny’s Child) to date.

It was about flagrantly displaying that this is the nexus of basketball power, wives included. The show also revealed just how miserable Melo was living in Colorado.

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The Melo–La La split throws all that into question. There was also the time that the world learned she literally does nothing on many weekends: “Then I go home and do nothing,” she told in 2015. And who can forget the time she dubbed them “the first couple of the NBA”?

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