Who is gavin degraw dating 2016

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“Kite Like Girl” – Another standout, Gavin shared “Kite Like Girl” a week ahead of the album’s release.It has a sweet, soulful mood that could be compared to the classic “My Girl.” Gavin’s vocals are innocent and light.And while it’s his most diverse record, it also has his most consistent quality.It would be easy to divide Gavin’s musical career so far into two halves.“Harder To Believe” – The fifth song on begins with soft piano and strings.You think it’s set up to be a ballad, but as Gavin sings about all the “hell I walked through,” the song gains energy and urgency.It’s not a standout on the album, but it does prepare the listener for the greatness to come.“You Make My Heart Sing Louder” – Gavin recently identified this second track as his mother’s favorite on .

It’s the most colorful, rich collection of songs he’s released yet.

There were some unexpected songs on there, like the wild-night “Finest Hour” and overtly confident “Leading Man.” Some moments felt a bit off, but overall it was strong. It is his most balanced, consistent album, and every single song is exemplary. There are only a couple of piano ballads here, as Gavin chose to expand ever more and try out new moods and genres.

The instrumentation is richer and more dynamic, with everything from ukuleles and mandolins to trumpets and strings.

Strummy choruses get even better with the unexpected tail that connects them back into the verses. “Making Love With The Radio On” – Fans also heard this track ahead of the release date.

Radio static and soulful “ooh”s start the song before a ukulele-driven verse kicks in.

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