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I think Tie may have even landed a shot or two before security got there.... "I didn't notice him even playing last year, so how could I miss him this year"??? As for Domi's retirement; as has been noted already, the league really has evolved and left him behind, so all we can say is "So long and thanks for all the laughs!hilarious, much like Tie's game the past few years.... " I bent over to tie my shoelaces and Domi almost pounced on me.It also says Tie Domi threatened his wife would “get nothing” if she hired a lawyer and said he has many powerful and influential friends (including Stronach) who are “on his side and who don’t want to hear my stupid sob stories about him and Belinda.”The application also contains allegations that Tie Domi’s “trysts” with Stronach were not his first indiscretions. The reason it made news was because of ALL the parties involved.His wife claims he also had a relationship with actress Tia Carrere, known for the television show “Relic Hunter” during a period the couple were separated and attending counselling If Tie Domi cheated on his wife with Mrs. If Belinda Stronach, and Tia Carerra were just names of people you've never heard of, this wouldn't have made the news.Though the application states it is not necessary to name names in cases of alleged adultery, the first line of Leanne Domi’s allegations reads: “Tie Domi has committed adultery with Belinda Stronach” and there are numerous references to Stronach throughout the document.The document alleges her husband’s relationship with Stronach started in the summer of 2005, when he and Stronach attended a Formula One race in Montreal.Tie was one of the best fighters I have ever seen..... Been a long time since I've been a Domi fan babe..first couple seasons as a Leaf he was effective, but then out of the blue he started floating around the ice like he owned the team.

Stronach, who stuck to her regular routine in Ottawa on Monday, has also refused to comment.

I know that's hockey but that was dirty and couldv'e severly injured Neidermeyer. "I've got a still shot of his sucker punch on Samuelson way back when, classic Domi moment." If anyone truly deserved a "sucker punch" it was that gutless puke Samuelson.

The age of the goon is over.........sorry to see him go. him and Probert had some great ones(fights), but I think the best memory was from the game in Philly when Tie was in the box and a fan was jeering him... the guy gets up on the glass and -wham, falls into the box.... The NHL had passed him by....."Good ridence, thats all I have to say." ??!?? After all the cheap shots he took, causing injuries to many players (most notably Cam Neely) I must say that seeing that bit of street justice being handed out was very gratifying.

She attended a gathering of the Liberal caucus executive, performed her regular Commons parliamentary duties, met with Liberal MPs to plot question-period strategy for the week, and went to a conference of business executives.“She felt it would be very important that she do her job today and continue being the MP for Newmarket-Aurora,” said the Stronach associate.“She’s got duties as an MP and that’s what she’d rather be known for.”The personal life of the multimillionaire heiress to the auto-parts giant Magna International also made headlines in May 2005, when as a sitting Conservative member of Parliament, she crossed the floor, effectively jilting boyfriend and fellow Tory Peter Mac Kay, now foreign affairs minister.

Leanne Domi is seeking spousal support of ,000 and child support of more than ,000 per month, custody of the children with scheduled visits for Tie Domi, exclusive possession of the family home and the right to sell it and an order that his assets be frozen.

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