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Revived in 2014 after a 26 year pause, the autumn celebration includes folk song, traditional dance performances, flower and fruit displays, arts and crafts exhibitions, horse racing, and food and wine.

Georgia's new official flag was adopted on January 30, 200I.

Named after Mount Zion at Jerusalem, it is commonly known as the “Tbilisi …

Continue reading · Tagged with Architecture, სიონის ღვთისმშობლის მიძინების ტაძარი, Churches in Georgia, Georgian History, Georgian Orthodox cathedrals, Georgian Orthodox Churches, Tbilisi, Tbilisi Sioni, Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral, The Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition, Tourist Information A graduate of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgian artist Giorgi (Gogya) Kukhalashvili lives in Tbilisi.

Continue reading “Khelaoba” is held annually in Chargali village in Dusheti on 25 January and commemorates the anniversary of the death of Georgian poet Mikha Khelashvili (1900 – 1925) (Georgian: მიხა ხელაშვილი).

An anti-Soviet, he was shot and killed in Chargali village on his birthday.

The procession begins in Rose Revolution Square and ends at the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (Georgian: თბილისის წმინდა …

David Garejeli, Tourist Information, Travel Mushtaid Garden in Tbilisi was established in the 1830’s by Mir-Fatah-Agha, a religious leader (a mujtahid – hence the name Mushtaid).Continue reading Barbecued meat is very popular in Georgia both as a family meal and also at feasts and celebrations.Pork is the most popular meat, followed by chicken.Continue reading Many of Tbilisi’s traditional buildings are beautifully illuminated at night. CLICK on the logo to visit GEORGIA ABOUT on Facebook and see photos and news about Georgia.The Egrisoba 2015 festival (Georgian: ეგრისობა – 2015) was held at Nokalakevi fortress (Georgian: ნოქალაქევი) in Senaki municipality, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

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