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The Official/Organization record for law enforcement agencies (LEA) is created and maintained by AOC at the request of a local court.The organization record for an LEA can be viewed by court users in JIS using the Official/Organization Inquiry screen (OFO).Once you’ve surveyed this list of connected gadgets, figure out which ones belong to you.You should recognize the name of your main computer, and your tablet or smartphone should have the name of the manufacturer or model. Your neighbor won’t mind if you steal a little broadband to watch Netflix, right?Still, it may not be mooches causing a pokey connection.

Hackers drive around hunting for an unprotected Wi-Fi network that they can exploit. Here are a few tips for securing your Wi-Fi router against unauthorized hitchhikers. First, you’ll want to log into your router’s administration console.Instead of handing them your real password, use your router’s “Guest Network.”This feature lets you share your internet connection with your guests while keeping them off your main network, preventing them from seeing your shared files and services.To avoid confusion with your main network, set up your guest network with a different network name (SSID) and password.Check the DHCP Client List or Attached Devices section that shows what gadgets are connected to your router.Typically, they are listed by IP address, MAC address and/or Name.

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