Young women dating older men support Nude camchat

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Young women dating older men support

However, along with cultural beliefs of the people involved in this union is the Consensus Gentium of the people within the culture where the relationship is taking place.

Consensus Gentium is from the Latin word meaning the agreement of the people.

However, some cultures are more flexible than the others.

Cultural beliefs might be one of the strongest arguments against this kind of union.

According to 2012 Census Bureau data, 85.9 percent of husbands are older than or about the same age as their wives.

That leaves 14.2 percent of all husbands who are at least two years younger than their wives.

Please don't get me wrong; I do not say it is evil for a woman to marry a younger man, but I think it is advisable for both parties to critically count the cost first.

Consensus Gentium is also referred to as the climate of opinion, community sentiment, general belief, conventional wisdom, prevailing sentiment, etc.But may I ask you to tell me the age difference between Adam and Eve.I guess you cannot be so sure, and I believe God did not create any other thing after the sixth day.Two important questions we must ask ourselves are: Is there any danger in such a marriage where wives are older than their husbands?What is the role age is playing in making the marriage work?

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