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In this account of the Dying Empire of Austria the author has tried to describe the sociological factors in the breakdown of the Hapsburg Empire, and to show that in the fabric of a "'Central Europe" is closely woven the idea of a predominating Pan-Germanism. In course of time, individual, social, and national interests, both material and moral, become so firmly bound up with the existing belief t^iat they render it all the more immune to criticism. .119 Bulgars completely forgotten in Europe after the fall of the Bulgarian Empire in the Middle Ages — Bulgars in Bulgaria without national consciousness — Attempts at national awakening — The Ruthenian G. THE STORY OF JOVAN VELJIC, OF DEBAR, TELLING HOW THE BULGARIAN TEACHERS MADE HIM A BULOAR BY FORCE . INCOMPLETE LIST OF BULGARIAN ATTACKS UPON SERBIAN SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS IN MACEDONIA . INCOMPLETE LIST OF SERBS MURDERED BY THE BULGARS OR AGENTS OF THE BULGARIAN COM- MITTEE IN MACEDONIA BETWEEN 18 . INCOMPLETE LIST OF ATTEMPTED MURDERS PERPE- TRATED BY BULGARS ON SERBS BETWEEN 18 . This is because in the eyes of the Bulgars the frontiers of Macedonia proper are too narrow for their extensive pretensions in the Balkan Peninsula.

It has become a matter of conviction, or helief, and these are really feelings, and have no direct connection whatsoever with logic and truth ; people will be as firmly convinced in their belief in a false- hood as in their belief in a truth. (An almost identical but far more explicit petition, bearing 350 signatures and 145 seals, was presented to the Prince of Serbia.) xvi CONTENTS PAOX V. The widest definition of Macedonia has been furnished by the Bulgars.

In those maps we practically always find the legend ' Metropoli della Serbia ' beside the name of Skoplje.

Coronelli, in 1692 (in the ' Corso Geogra- fico '), Serbia is show^n as extending south of the ^ar Mountain and the Skoplje Crna Gora.

He has also written soundtracks for over 100 television episodes, including the Croatian TV mini-series Ljubav ili smrt, based on a novel by Ivan Kušan, the TV series Ne daj se Floki, and series about the famous inventor Nikola Tesla.

His songs have been sung by award-winning singers such as Ivo Robić and Tereza Kesovija.

" Not only a piece of powerful propaganda, but a literary production of high quality. On all these maps the name of Serbia extends over the regions south of the Sar Moun- tain and the Skoplje Crna Gora. Gastaldi, in 1566, Serbia includes not only Kosovo Polje and Skoplje itself but also the regions around Skoplje.

12 22 ▼Hi CONTENTS IV Vkoa BULGARIAN BULE IN MACEDONIA . After these come Mercator's map and the maps by the Koyal French Geographers.

After all, the adducing of facts is still the best way of arriving at the truth; wherefore the reader is asked — independently of the author's conclusions, and passing over all that might have a polemical tone in the text — kindly to give his attention to the facts which are marshalled in this book, and to form his own opinion, independent of his own preconceived ideas and independent of the author's opinion. Ill THE MACKDOKIAN STATE The Macedonian Slavs — Bulgarian invasion of Macedonia — Contrast between the Bulgars and the Macedonian Slavs — Adverse conditions under the Bulgars — Revolt of the Macedonian Slavs and emancipation from the Bul- gars — Renewal of Byzantine domination in ISIacedonia — Revolt and emancipation from Byzantium — The Mace- donian State— Its rise— Frontiers — Name of the Mace- 'donian State. .29^ Subjugation of the Macedonian State by Byzantium in 1018 — Bulgars shake ofif the Byzantine yoke in 1186 — Second Bulgarian invasion of Macedonia — Macedonia under the Latins and Epirotes — Fresh Bulgarian invasion of Macedonia — Macedonia under the Byzantines and Epirotes — Bulgars possess i\facedonia once more for a brief period and then lose it for good in 1256. Serbs and Macedonians are but one nation — Serbian rulers the liberators and uniters of the Serbian nation into one state entity — Serbian rule in Macedonia represents the zenith of Serbian civilization — Building of monasteries and intellectual progress in Macedonia — Serbian literature in Macedonia — Dusan's Code originated in Macedonia — Macedonia the heart and focus of the Serbian Empire — Serbian capitals situated in Macedonia — State Counc Us, at which the fate of the nation was decided, held in Macedonia — It was in Macedonia that Serbia was elevated to the rank of an Empire and the Serbian Church to that of a Patriarchate — Byzantine influence reaches Serbia through Macedonia. VII {Continued) MACEDONIA FROM THE LOSS OF HER INDEPENDENCE TO THE SUPPRESSION OF THE SERBIAN PATRIARCHATE (1413-1459) . VII {Continued) MACEDONIA FROM THE RESTORATION OP THE SERBIAN PATRI.\RCHATE TO ITS SECOND SUPPRESSION (1557- 1766) . Cvijic has among other material consulted the old maps published up to within the first decades of the nineteenth century, when there were as yet no nationalist discussions over the frontiers of the Balkan peoples and when the statements of scientific geographers rested on facts alone. Cviji6, "when in the six- teenth century better and more complete geographical maps of the European countries began to appear, and INTRODUCTION 3 right up to the eighteenth century the most rehable maps of the Balkan Peninsula are the Italian.

Algeria is very interesting country, but i m not sure if Traveling and reportages is the right place for random photos.

Anyway, if not, i m sure moderators will put it to right place Spock: "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".

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A poznata nam je opsesija fudbalom u srba (besmisleno jurcanje za nekom belom lopticom, ničim izazvano, negde na nivou inteligencije kučeta, uz duno potovanje prema kučićima).

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